Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone
Radiation from Wired Headsets with a BRAIN BEAD

brain beads™

brain beads ferrite bead attached to iphone wired headset

(brain beads™ ferrite bead attached to a cell phone headset below the split - recommended placement)


The latest recommendations from Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Medical Correspondent, are for wired headset users to attach a small ferrite bead to the cell phone headset wire which effectively "kills" the radiation:

"A ferrite bead is a clip you put on the wire of a headset. The concern is that the wire itself emits radiation into your ear.

The bead is designed to absorb the radiation so you don't.

Another fan: Lawrie Challis, physicist and former chair of the Mobile
Telecommunications and Health Research Programme, a government panel in Britain.
They did tests at the University of York and found that under even the worst conditions,

if you use a ferrite bead you can't even measure the radiation coming off the wire."

"This...device kills the radiation"

brain bead iphone wired headset ferrite bead closeup

(brain beads™ attached to wired cell phone headset)

From: '5 tips to limit your cell phone risk' by Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Medical Corresondent


The latest cell phone radiation studies from the University of York have determined that ferrite beads can block cell phone radiation from traveling up wired cell phone headsets to the brain:

"Use of a ferrite bead placed around the HFK (hands free kit)
lead, at a point beyond where the fields from the phone might induce strong currents in the HFK, significantly reduces the induced SAR (specific absorption rate) when using a HFK. Direct coupling from the handset to the HFK near the earpiece is not found and, hence, if use of a ferrite bead is desired, it should be placed at a position beyond where the phone is expected to come into close proximity to the HFK but probably not closer than 15cm to the earpiece."

From: 'SAR Associated With the Use of Hands-Free Mobile Telephones' by S.J. Porter, M.H. Capstick, F. Faraci, I.D. Flintoft and A.C. Marvin, Department of Electronics, University of York, UK


Brain Beads is the only ferrite bead that can help block wired headset radiation before it reaches your brain that doesn't look like a piece of industrial equipment!


No endorsement of any kind is implied between CNN, The University of York, Apple and Brain Beads™. Brain Beads™ may not completely reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation. The user assumes all risk associated with cell phone use. All sales final.